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Giving you an idea

Are you looking for some great hardware business to have money from? Talk to us, we have an ideas or we can work out on idea with you.

Verification of your ideas

You have an idea for a device. Contact us and tell in simple words how it could works and looks. We will verify it in technical aspects.

Design your device

We can design all hardware&software for your product. It means that we can create electronic circuit, design PCB and housing. We also create software for your device if needed.

Produce your device

We have a comprehensive subcontractors with attractive prices and high quality. Simply, you will get a final product even in box. Ready to use or to sell!


Young team with huge possibilities.

We started in November 2014. First of all we done few small projects to know each other better and better and then we started to make an commercial products. While working on two projects, we were asked a few times about services. Companies wanted to cooperate with us. We thought that's a nice idea and we provide services too.

Our team is quite interesting. Everybody is in love with IT, but each person is experienced in different subbranches. That's why we can provide both hardware&software.


Karol Karczewski
Team leader
Experienced in electronics and robotics. Exhibitor on Maker Faire Rome 2014, speaker on few nation-wide IT conferences.
Kamil Foryszewski
Hardware, firmware
Exhibitor on few nation-wide faires, interested in robotics and electonics as well as mechanics.
Piotr Wasilewski
Firmware, hardware
Embedded systems and robots enthusiast. Recently also interested in wearables technology.

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